Koenji Sake bar hopping The 2nd・Gurumasu

Koenji Sake bar hopping The 2nd・Gurumasu


As long as you have “Gurumasu” (Event origenal a square wooden sake cup), you are available to join this event. You can buy “Gurumasu” in “自由人酒場”(Google map) and “JAPUB 円蔵”(Google map) for 500yen. If you have already “Gurumasu”, you are free to join.

As you bring “Gurumasu” to participanting restaurants, they offer you a cup of selected scecial sake for 400yen.

You can taste sake and special event appetizer.

<Co-located event>

Street performers event


You can see their juggling while tasting sake.

Participating Restaurants and Sake

自由人酒場 / 阿武の鶴おりがらみ(山口)
JAPUB 円蔵 / 高円寺純情純米酒 (山形)
割烹DISCO 大蔵 / えぞの熊 (旭川)
Smile Earth / 恋をするたびに (滋賀)
炭火家おだづもっこ / 蒼天伝 純米酒 (宮城)
松の木食堂 / 高清水 上撰(秋田)
酒場ル丸森 / 津軽じょっぱり (青森)
ジゾウ / 金鶴 (佐渡ヶ島)
飯豊町アンテナショップIIDE / 若乃井〜春宝〜 (山形)
GATE 高円寺 / 門傳純米酒(宮城)
播州酒場うぶ / 香住鶴(兵庫)


2018/4/29 (Sun)

-You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar



Gurumasu shop

South: 自由人酒場(Google map)
North: JAPUB 円蔵(Google map)


JR Koenji

Web site

For more information visit, 4月29日(日) 第二回・ぐる〼~高円寺日本酒はしご酒~



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