Fukushima Jizake Festival 2018

19 Japanese Sake Brands from Fukushima Prefecture Received Gold in the Annual Japan Sake Awards 2018 FUKUSHIMA – Fukushima Prefecture was home to the largest number of award-winning sake brands for the sixth year in a row, marking a record in an annual competition, the National Research Institute of Brewing in 2018. Fukushima sake will never let you down. You can meet Fukushima sake you will be satisfied. Tasting Fukushima sake at home by amazon     DATE AND TIME 2018/8/25 (Sat) Part1: 13:00 – 16:00 (Doors open at 12:30) -¥2,000 (No food) 700ppl Part2: 18:00 – 20:30 (Doors open at 17:30) – ¥6,000 (with Buffet dinner) 500ppl – You cannot go? Check … Continue reading Fukushima Jizake Festival 2018