The 2nd Uonuma Jizake Night in Shibuya

Uonuma is home to a cuisine that takes full advantage of the blessings of nature.

Uonuma is a city located in Niigata Prefecture. Uonuma is place where you can enjoy the changing of the seasons. A culture that has emerged from the many blessing of the surrounding nature has produced an intriguing cuisine with some famous brands known throughout the country, such as Uonuma koshihikari rice and other unique ingredients.

Koshihikari rice from Uonuma is Japan’s most delicious, and is said to be rice so tasty that it needs no accompaniment. This is only the start. Unique local sakes, soba, mountains vegetables, etc…. Snow Country has lots of places famous for the unusual dish of horumon-yaki (grilled offal), and Uonuma has some great examples that you should sample. This is also the home of several nationally famous brands.

The local sake (Jizake) made from the delicious water and rice of Uonuma has a well-rounded flavor that is like taking a taste of nature.

You can enjoy taste of Uonuma koshihikari with Uonuma sake.

Participating breweries

Midorikawa Shuzo
緑川 純米吟醸 Midorikawa Junmai 720ml

Clean, smooth, and gracious: this is the essence of the classic Niigata tanrei-karakuchi “light and dry” style. Subtle nose of melon and ginger, creamy soft texture and prolonged but dry finish.

Tamagawa Sake Brewery
玉川酒造 イットキー It’s the key 1800ml

Very, very sweet, super high acidity, low 12% alcohol and definitely trying to be more wine-like. The name is “its the key” (イットキー). The label explains that “It’s the key that finally unlocks the world of sake for all.” Drink less than 5 degrees of chilledーsake or warmed to 50 degrees of Hot sake.

AOKISHUZO The Sake Brewery Co., LTD.

青木酒造 鶴齢 純米酒 KAKUREI Junmaishu 1800ml

Koshi-Tanrei and Gohyakumangoku rice polished to 70%. Very gentle taste, good for chilled, room temparature, and hot served.

Matsunoi Sake Brewery

【蔵元直送】松乃井 特別純米 Matsunoi Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml

Sweet aromas of vanilla and cream custard. Round palate entry, very soft and plush in the mouth with a hint of warmth. Builds in breadth and retains most of its freshness as it loses its chill, and when it hits room temperature it loses its inhibitions about showing off its luxurious, silky texture.

Koshimeijo Co.,Ltd.

越の鶴 大吟醸 Koshi no Tsuru Daiginjo 720ml

This is Koshimeijo’s flagship sake. It is characterized by fruity and gorgeous fragrance.



2018/8/28 (Tue)

19:30 – 21:30 (Door open at 19:00)

– You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar



1-23-16 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002

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Tokyo Metro “Shibuya Station” Exit 13 Front
JR · Tokyu Line · Keio Line · “Shibuya station” 4 minutes on foot to Meiji-dori toward Harajuku direction

Tasting sake and food included in the ticket

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For more information visit, 第2回魚沼地酒ナイトin渋谷

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