“Gokyo” & “Aizuchujo” In-store tasting event @ Ikebukuro

You can taste Gokyo, Sakai Shuzo from Yamaguchi prefecture, and Aizuchujo, Tsurunoe Shuzo Co.,Ltd. from Fukushima prefecture.

Gokyo (Sakai Shuzo)

Sakai Shuzo is located in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture.

Here you will find a beautiful, curiously constructed bridge that is one of Japan’s Three Famous Bridges, which Kintaikyo is essentially made from five small bridges connected together in order to make a single massive bridge. The name of Gokyo (Five bridges) comes from Kintaikyo.

Water for brewing is drawn from Yamaguchi prefecture’s largest stream: A Nishiki River underground soft water stream leading to a well inside the brewery. This super soft water makes a feature of Gokyo tender and highly fragrance.

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Gokyo Junmai Ginjo Saito no Shizuku 五橋 純米吟醸 西都の雫 720ml [山口県]

Elegant Ginjo aroma drifts gently.


Aizuchujo (Tsurunoe Shuzo Co.,Ltd.)

Founded 1794. Tsurunoe Shuzo is located on the Nanukamachi-dori street in Fukushima. Nanukamachi-dori Street is a nickname given to a street in Aizu-Wakamatsu City. The street is about 700m from Nanukamachi station. During Edo Period (1603-1868), Aizu-Gokaido road and Yonezawa road passed through the city, which abounded with shops and inns; this prosperity lasted until 1950s.

These days, you can see shops and buildings that built in kurazukuri style and western-style selling lacquerware and local cuisine. Taisho Roman (a trend of thought or cultural events that conveys the atmosphere of the Taisho period.) atmosphere is felt throughout the city.

The brewery is also traditional historical building. Yuri (Lily in Japanese) is characteristic of delicate flavor which is brewed by female Toji. In the brewery, you can taste sake. There are limited sake only you can buy in the brewery.

Tsurunoe Shuzo Co.,Ltd. Home page

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Junmai Daiginjo Yori 純米大吟醸「ゆり」720ml 白箱入り特約店浜田屋


2018/09/26 (Wed)~2018/10/02 (Tue) 10:00~20:00

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Seibu Ikebukuro B1F

〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima, Minamiikebukuro, 1 Chome−28−1

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Directly connect
Ikebukuro Station South Exit, Exit 38, Exit 36

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For more information visit, 今週の酒と肴

Kit Kat Sakuramasamune Daiginjo Flavour

There have been more than 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors of Kit Kat produced in Japan since 2000. Kit Kat collaborated with Sakurmasamune to make Daiginjo Flavour Kit Kat.

Founded in 1625, Sakurmasamune is a well-known sake brewery with a history of nearly 400 years. The brewery uses the sake rice produced in Hyogo Prefecture “Yamada Nishiki” and locally available groundwater to make ginjoshu and junmaishu of the highest quality. This water called “miyamizu” and being vital to sake production in Hyogo was discovered by the 6th head of the family Tazaemon Yamamura. Sakuramasamune has thus made significant contributions as a pioneer to sake brewing in the areas of Nada.


Sakuramasamune Ouka Ichirin Daiginjo 櫻正宗 櫻華一輪 大吟醸 瓶 720ml [兵庫県/中辛口]



Sakuramasamune Kit Kat is blended Ginjo powder in the cream between wafers luxuriously and covered with white chocolate. You can taste rich flavour with elegant ginjo aroma in gentle sweet. The Ginjo powder is made as same as sake brewing. Rice is high quality Yamada nishiki and highly polished with careful.


This special Kit Kat is only found at Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo) souvenir shop.


Junmaishu Festival 2018 Autumn

This event is for Junmaishu lover.

It is the best sake tasting party for Junmaishu lover at the Bellesalle Shibuya First on 14 October 2018.

Junmaishu is sake made from only rice, water, yeast, and koji.

Bento box is included. Seated dinner.

You can hop around brewery booth and taste sake.

Enjoy Junmai Umami.



12:00 – 14:30  Sold Out

16:00 – 18:30

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Junmai Daiginjo 300ml 5 bottles Set 金賞受賞蔵のみ 日本酒 純米大吟醸 飲み比べセット 300ml×5本 極み 上善如水 加賀鳶 辛

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Bellesalle Shibuya First 2F

〒150-0011 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Higashi, 1 Chome−2−20

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8minutes walk from JR line Shibuya station.


¥6,500 (500ppl)

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For more information visit, 純米酒フェスティバル2018秋