ESL Tag questions, 付加疑問文 でしょ? だよね?She’s Italian, isn’t she?

付加疑問文(Tag questions)は確認や念押し、同意を求める時に使われる。


Point: 文末に付け加える主語は代名詞にする。

Positive sentences, with negative tags
肯定文+,否定形 + 主語(代名詞)?

Present simple ‘be’ She’s Italian, isn’t she?
Present simple other verbs They live in London, don’t they?
Present continuous We’re working tomorrow, aren’t we?
Past simple ‘be’ It was cold yesterday, wasn’t it?
Past simple other verbs He went to the party last night, didn’t he?
Past continuous We were waiting at the station, weren’t we?
Present perfect They’ve been to Japan, haven’t they?
Present perfect continuous She’s been studying a lot recently, hasn’t she?
Past perfect He had forgotten his wallet, hadn’t he?
Past perfect continuous We’d been working, hadn’t we?
Future simple She’ll come at six, won’t she?
Future continuous They’ll be arriving soon, won’t they?
Future perfect They’ll have finished before nine, won’t they?
Future perfect continuous She’ll have been cooking all day, won’t she?
Modals can He can help, can’t he?
Modals must John must stay, mustn’t he?

Negative sentences, with positive tags
否定形+,肯定文 + 主語(代名詞)?

Present simple ‘be’ We aren’t late, are we?
Present simple other verbs She doesn’t have any children, does she?
Present continuous The bus isn’t coming, is it?
Past simple ‘be’ She wasn’t at home yesterday, was she?
Past simple other verbs They didn’t go out last Sunday, did they?
Past continuous You weren’t sleeping, were you?
Present perfect She hasn’t eaten all the cake, has she?
Present perfect continuous He hasn’t been running in this weather, has he?
Past perfect We hadn’t been to London before, had we?
Past perfect continuous You hadn’t been sleeping, had you?
Future simple They won’t be late, will they?
Future continuous He won’t be studying tonight, will he?
Future perfect She won’t have left work before six, will she?
Future perfect continuous He won’t have been travelling all day, will he?
Modals She can’t speak Arabic, can she?
Modals They mustn’t come early, must they?

Special exception: the question tag after I am is aren’t I.

For example: I’m in charge of the food, aren’t I?

Let’s, had better

Let’s go, shall we? let’s = let us
He’d better do it, hadn’t he? he had better (no auxiliary)

命令文(imperative) + tag question

Take a seat, won’t you? polite invitation
Help me, can you? quite friendly
Help me, can’t you? quite friendly (some irritation?)
Close the door, would you? quite polite
Do it now, will you. less polite
Don’t forget, will you. with negative imperatives only will is possible

He never came again, did he?

She can rarely come these days, can she?

You hardly ever came late, did you?

I barely know you, do I?

You would scarcely expect her to know that, would you?

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