Nihonshu Festival 2018 by Shuen Kawashima


2018/7/8 (Sun)
Day Part: 12:00 – 15:00
Night Part: 16:00 – 19:00

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Osaki Bright Core Hall 3F

5-5-15, Kita-Shinagawa , Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

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JR Yamanote Line, JR Saikyo Line, JR Shonan Shinjuku Line, Rinkai Line “Osaki Station”

5 Minutes on foot from the station


Advance ticket
Each Part: ¥5,500
One day: ¥9,000
Pair ticket: ¥10,000

You can purchase at 酒縁川島(Shuen Kawashima) or bank transfer.
酒縁川島(Shuen Kawashima)
Shuen Kawashima tabelog link
Shuen Kawashima homepage

Address: 10-4-102, 4chome, Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
264 meters from Musashi Koyama.

bank transfer
Japan Post 00160-3-80007 酒縁の会事務局

(Please mention number of ticket and day/night/one day)

Mizuho Bank
みずほ銀行 戸越支店 普通2046399
川島酒縁の会 川島孝夫

Other bank or net banking
郵貯銀行:店番号:019 貯金種目 当座貯金

“Bank transfer Receipt” works as a ticket, please bring to the venue with you.

Day ticket
Each Part: ¥6,000
One day: ¥10,000
Pair ticket: ¥11,000


For more information call, 酒縁川島(Shuen Kawashima) Tel: 03-3785-8806(18:30~22:30)



Last year 2017’s pictures




Tanabata party with Miyagi Junmai shu @ Happoen

Junmai shu from Miyagi Prefecture Tanabata party @ Happoen

Miyagi Sake Brewers Association will hold Tanabata buffet party on Friday, July 6 at Happoen. They will offer you Japanese sake from 23 Miyagi breweries. Food is ticket exchange system. Sake and food are included in the ticket fee.


As they are going to prepare a bamboo stalk for tanabata, you can write your wish on a tanzaku and hanging it on the stalk to celebrate tanabata. They will bring back to Miyagi your wish carefully and send to Sake brewery god “Matsuo Shrine” in Sendai, Miyagi. They will Heartfelt Prayer Fulfillment to make your wish come true in the shrine.

Ticket fee is ¥6,480 per person and maximum 200 attendees.

Please enjoy Sake and Tanabata.

Line up Brand and Home page

勝山 (Katsuyama) 仙台伊澤家 勝山酒造株式会社 (Katsuyama Supreme SAKE co.,Ltd)
鳳陽(Houyou) 合資会社内ヶ崎酒造店(Uchigasaki Brewery Limited Partnership)
雪の松島(Yuki no Matsushima) 大和蔵酒造株式会社(Taiwagura shuzo)
浪の音(Nami no Oto) 有限会社佐々木酒造店(Sasaki shuzo)
浦霞(Urakasumi) 株式会社佐浦(Urakasumi Sake Brewery Saura Co.,Ltd.)
阿部勘(Abekan) 阿部勘酒造株式会社(Abekan shuzo)
一ノ蔵(Ichinokura) 株式会社一ノ蔵
伯楽星(Hakurakusei) 株式会社新澤醸造店(Niizawa jozo)
真鶴(Manatsuru) 株式会社田中酒造店(Tanaka shuzo)
わしが國(Washigakuni) 株式会社山和酒造店(Yamawa shuzo)
黄金澤(Koganesawa) 合名会社川敬商店(Kawakei shoten)
宮寒梅(Miyakanbai) 合名会社寒梅酒造(Kanbai shuzo)
天上夢幻(Tenjomugen) 株式会社中勇酒造店(NAKAYU SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD)
栗駒山(Kurikomayama) 千田酒造株式会社(Chida shuzo)
綿屋(Wataya) 金の井酒造株式会社(Kanenoi shuzo)
萩の鶴(Hagi no Tsuru) 萩野酒造株式会社(Hagino shuzo)
澤乃泉(Sawanoizumi) 石越醸造株式会社(Ishikoshi jozo)
両國(Ryougoku) 株式会社角星(Kakuboshi)
伏見男山(Fushimi Otokoyama) 株式会社男山本店(Otokoyama Honten)
日高見(Hitakami) 株式会社平孝酒造(Hirataka shuzo)
墨廼江(Suminoe) 墨廼江酒造株式会社(Sumione shuzo)
乾坤一(Kenkonichi) 有限会社大沼酒造店(Oonuma shuzo)
蔵王(Zao) 蔵王酒造株式会社(Zao shuzo)


2018/7/6 (Fri)

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1-1-1 Shirokane-dai Minato-ku Tokyo Japan

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Toei Mita Line, Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line “Shirokanedai Station”
Exit the station out of Exit 2 and continue walking for about one minute to reach Happo-en.

Ticket Link

Ticket Fee

¥6,480 (Sake and Food included)

Web site

For more information visit, 宮城県酒造組合Facebook


The Joy of Sake Honolulu

The Joy of Sake Honolulu

The Joy of Sake celebrates Hawaiʻi’s hundred-year love affair with sake—from the early days of Japanese immigration and the founding of the Honolulu Sake Brewery up to the present. Today Honolulu hosts the annual U.S. National Sake Appraisal and has more sake-serving restaurants per capita than any other city in the country.

The world’s largest sake celebration outside Japan returns to Honolulu with an unparalleled selection of hundreds of premium sakes in peak condition. Sakes reflect every brewing region and style in Japan, with a rising number from U.S. brewers. About half are ultra-premium daiginjos, and more than half the sakes are unavailable in the U.S.

Rising to the occasion, 21 of Hawaii’s top chefs and restaurants will present an eclectic lineup of sake-inspired pupus to nibble between sips.

What else? Izakaya Alley is back, bigger than ever, with upscale Japanese street food in a festive, lantern-lit outdoor setting. And limited Early Access tickets offer an exclusive one-hour headstart on the festivities.

Come taste the pleasures of the cup!

Must be 21 years or older.

All sales final.


2018/7/27 (Fri)

Early Access 17:30~21:00 ($155 per person)

-You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Hawaiʻi Convention Center

1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA

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How to Get to Hawai‘i Convention Center

Tickets URL

The Joy of Sake Honolulu

$105 per person 18:30~21:00
($120 at the door)
$155 Early Access  17:30~21:00

Web site

For more information visit, The Joy of Sake Honolulu