Experience with ichibansake

Kickstart your Sake Journey, Kanpai!

Ichibansake is qualified International Sake Sommelier. I believe that the best way to learn about sake is through actual tasting experiences.

Are you staying in Tokyo? Why not tasting Japanese culture through Sake?

Delicate taste, fragrance created by rice, water and blessings of nature. I hope you feel the master brewer of passion for sake and enjoy drinking sake more than anything with your style.

Let’s start looking for your ichibansake (best sake)!

I will bring you my favorite sake tasting bar, they offer a wide and special selection of sake. Let’s explore the world of Sake. I will help you enjoy Sake more, with its deep knowledge.

I hope this Experience will be your kickstart of Sake Journey.

Currently my ichibansake is Mizubasho Junmai Ginjo. Soft, smooth and light, very like a water in a good way. Mizubasho emphasis food taste. Cheese umami taste becomes deeper.


日本酒 水芭蕉 純米吟醸 (群馬県産地酒)Mizubasho Junmai Ginjo 720ml