Kit Kat Sakuramasamune Daiginjo Flavour

There have been more than 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors of Kit Kat produced in Japan since 2000. Kit Kat collaborated with Sakurmasamune to make Daiginjo Flavour Kit Kat.

Founded in 1625, Sakurmasamune is a well-known sake brewery with a history of nearly 400 years. The brewery uses the sake rice produced in Hyogo Prefecture “Yamada Nishiki” and locally available groundwater to make ginjoshu and junmaishu of the highest quality. This water called “miyamizu” and being vital to sake production in Hyogo was discovered by the 6th head of the family Tazaemon Yamamura. Sakuramasamune has thus made significant contributions as a pioneer to sake brewing in the areas of Nada.

Sakuramasamune Ouka Ichirin Daiginjo 櫻正宗 櫻華一輪 大吟醸 瓶 720ml [兵庫県/中辛口]



Sakuramasamune Kit Kat is blended Ginjo powder in the cream between wafers luxuriously and covered with white chocolate. You can taste rich flavour with elegant ginjo aroma in gentle sweet. The Ginjo powder is made as same as sake brewing. Rice is high quality Yamada nishiki and highly polished with careful.

This special Kit Kat is only found at Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo) souvenir shop.

Tasting Niigata sake @ Omotesando N’Espace

Niigata is known as the home of Japanese sake. It has more than 90 different breweries! You can taste Niigata sake in Omotesando by ¥500 at the N’Espace standing bar space. N’Espace is a “beacon” store transmitting the latest information about Niigata by selling food from Niigata, event, tourist information and U-Turn employment information from Omotesando.

The shop offers you selected Niigata sake, Niigata appetizers, craft beer and so on. Sake menu will change on a monthly basis. Always 8 kinds of Sake is waiting for you.

Tanrei Karakuchi

Niigata is famous for a specific type of sake, “Tanrei Karakuchi” or very refined, light and dry.

Water is the key ingredient in making sake. The snow and rain that falls on the tall mountains of Niigata soaks into the earth, forming springs and streams and eventually flowing into the rice fields. This water not only makes the sake delicious, but also enhances the flavor of the rice, the other main ingredient in sake making.

Climate is also an important factor. The winter climate in Niigata is favorable, with the low temperatures that allow sake to ferment and develop.

Water, rice, climate, and exquisite brewing techniques come together to make Niigata sake premium in quality.



4 Chome-11-7 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001

Google map


Tokyo Metro (Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line) “Omotesando Station” 1 minute on foot from A2 Exit

Opening hours

11: 00-19: 00 (excluding event dates)

Tasting Niigata sake at home by amazon 

Kura Master 2018 Nigori : Gold medal

Nigori : Gold medal

Name of Sake Brewery Pref
Momokawa Nigori Genshu MOMOKAWA BREWING,INC. Aomori
Ninki-ichi Origarami Junmai Ginjo NINKI INC. Fukushima
Shiroki Tenryu Kikusui Brewery co.,LTD Nagano
HAKUSHIKA SNOW BEAUTY Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co. Ltd. Hyogo
Hana Oshiroi Arisawa CO.,LTD. Kouchi
Yamahai Junmai Nigori Biden MIINOKOTOBUKI CO.,LTD Fukuoka

Kura Master 2018

Junmai : Platinum Medal
Junmai : Gold medal
Junmai Daiginjo & Junmai Ginjo : Platinum Medal
Junmai Daiginjo & Junmai Ginjo : Gold medal
Nigori : Platinum Medal
Nigori : Gold medal