Study Sake @ Kobe University

Kobe University collaborate with Nadagogo Brewers Association to be going to start “Sakeology” course  which you can learn Japanese Sake academically from this autumn.

Niigata University started Sakeology course in this April. It is very popular and more applications that expected. Nadagogo Brewers Association suggested to establish “Sakeology” in Kobe University that the regional nature of Kobe is essential for sake making.

From this October, they plan to open 7 lectures at Kobe University, named “Introduction to sake brewery”. The lecturer are from executive officer of brewery companies and sake brewing container makers, and researchers of The National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB).

In addition to the course will cover history and making method of sake, distribution method and overseas marketing to be able to capture sake in various ways. It is including tour of sake brewery.


The content of lecture would be interesting regardless of special field such as science and liberal arts. They also added the regionality of Kobe abundantly to make difference from Niigata University.

Nadagogo Brewers Association is hoping that the course would assist the development of human resources for specialist of Sake.


Kobe University

Nadagogo Brewers Association (Japanese)

The National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB)



Akanesasu is on board ANA first class

ANA’s first class menu centers on thoughtfully-prepared and delicious Japanese cuisine, designed by a curated panel of highly regarded chefs like Masayoshi Nishikawa, the owner of the Michelin-starred Gion Nishikawa in Kyoto. Though other cuisine types are also available, the Japanese dishes (like grilled eel over steamed rice, miso ramen, and bamboo shoot steak) are clear highlights. To go along with your food, enjoy Sake, Akanesaku.

A terroir-oriented brewery producing local sake with local people in a mountain basin of Nagano. This Junmai daiginjo has a smooth palate with clear aromas of ripe apple and a refined umami of rice.

Period: March to August 2018 (Planned)
Applicable routes: First Class on all routes

The brewery, Tsuchiya Shuzo is participant in 2018 Nagano Sake Messe in Tokyo, we might taste Akanesasu.


Taste of Japan to UK

The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (JA) and others announced that they had exported Japanese sake rice used for brewing sake to Britain on 20th March. First of all, exporting a total of 4 tons of sake rice from Akita and Hyogo (it will be 9520 liter Japanese sake) then Dojima Sake Brewery UK is going to test-brew sake from April in Cambridgeshire.

As the popularity of sake increases in Europe, it will lead to expansion of exporting rice.

According to the JA , the export of sake rice is the first time in the JA group. After the test brewing, it will be exported additionally depends on the trend of demand.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as of October 2017, the number of Japanese restaurants in Europe is approximately 22,200, an increase of 16% compared to 2015, the previous survey. Japanese sake brewed by Dojima Sake Brewery will be sold Japanese restaurants and so on in European.

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