Study Sake in University

“Sakeology Center” in Niigata Univ.
The “Sakeology” course starts from April, 2018

Niigata university announced that it will establish a representative to the research base which to approach from the variety of academic fields “Sakeology Center” for the sake of specialty products in Niigata prefecture in April. “Sakeology” offers comprehensively learn agriculture, economy, medical care and such as the relevant fields. To establish the world’s first “sakeology”, they will work on education, research, information transmission and international exchange.

The center will be almost all faculty teacher about 40 people belonging. In “Sake-ology” covers subjects of the raw materials of water and sake rice, distribution and marketing, climate, history and culture, and for the wide range of areas such as the relationship with health in addition to the traditional zymurgy and zymology.



Previous to the center establishment in May last year, Niigata Univ. signed a partnership agreement with Niigata Sake Brewers Association and Niigata prefecture on industry-academia-government collaborative for the aim of founding “sakeology”.

Lectures can attend all students in Niigata Univ. The course will cover sake production methods, the combination of sake and food, cooking with sake, the Liquor Tax, the impact on health, accomplishment way of sake, tasting as well as practical training in a sake brewery. Niigata University teachers, Niigata Sake Brewers Association and officials of the Prefectural Institute of Brewing, Niigata will serve as a lecturer.

The course will open to the general public in this Autumn.

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