Study Sake @ Kobe University

Kobe University collaborate with Nadagogo Brewers Association to be going to start “Sakeology” course  which you can learn Japanese Sake academically from this autumn.

Niigata University started Sakeology course in this April. It is very popular and more applications that expected. Nadagogo Brewers Association suggested to establish “Sakeology” in Kobe University that the regional nature of Kobe is essential for sake making.

From this October, they plan to open 7 lectures at Kobe University, named “Introduction to sake brewery”. The lecturer are from executive officer of brewery companies and sake brewing container makers, and researchers of The National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB).

In addition to the course will cover history and making method of sake, distribution method and overseas marketing to be able to capture sake in various ways. It is including tour of sake brewery.


The content of lecture would be interesting regardless of special field such as science and liberal arts. They also added the regionality of Kobe abundantly to make difference from Niigata University.

Nadagogo Brewers Association is hoping that the course would assist the development of human resources for specialist of Sake.


Kobe University

Nadagogo Brewers Association (Japanese)

The National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB)



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