Koenji Sake bar hopping The 2nd・Gurumasu

Koenji Sake bar hopping The 2nd・Gurumasu


As long as you have “Gurumasu” (Event origenal a square wooden sake cup), you are available to join this event. You can buy “Gurumasu” in “自由人酒場”(Google map) and “JAPUB 円蔵”(Google map) for 500yen. If you have already “Gurumasu”, you are free to join.

As you bring “Gurumasu” to participanting restaurants, they offer you a cup of selected scecial sake for 400yen.

You can taste sake and special event appetizer.

<Co-located event>

Street performers event


You can see their juggling while tasting sake.

Participating Restaurants and Sake

自由人酒場 / 阿武の鶴おりがらみ(山口)
JAPUB 円蔵 / 高円寺純情純米酒 (山形)
割烹DISCO 大蔵 / えぞの熊 (旭川)
Smile Earth / 恋をするたびに (滋賀)
炭火家おだづもっこ / 蒼天伝 純米酒 (宮城)
松の木食堂 / 高清水 上撰(秋田)
酒場ル丸森 / 津軽じょっぱり (青森)
ジゾウ / 金鶴 (佐渡ヶ島)
飯豊町アンテナショップIIDE / 若乃井〜春宝〜 (山形)
GATE 高円寺 / 門傳純米酒(宮城)
播州酒場うぶ / 香住鶴(兵庫)


2018/4/29 (Sun)

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Gurumasu shop

South: 自由人酒場(Google map)
North: JAPUB 円蔵(Google map)


JR Koenji

Web site

For more information visit, 4月29日(日) 第二回・ぐる〼~高円寺日本酒はしご酒~



Mirai Nihonshuten DAIKANYAMA

Mirai Nihonshuten DAIKANYAMA

【3 min walk from Daikanyama station】 Drink and tasting more than 150 kinds of rare sake!

Mirai Nihonshuten DAIKANYAMA is a hideaway sake BAR.

You can always enjoy more than 150 kinds of Japanese sake, liqueur, sweet sake etc. in a wineglass. You can meet sake which is difficult to get In Tokyo. If you find your favourite sake, you can purchase and bring home.


They provide sake from 300yen per glass, and you can enjoy more than 80% of sake in no more than 500yen per glass.

According to customer’s taste, sake expart stuff will recomend you carefully, so even you are not familiar with sake they will surely find your favorite sake! !

If you order “the all-you-can-drink for 2 hours 3780 yen” with ordering more than one food from the menu, you can bring in your own meals.

This type of all-you-can-drink sake bars sometimes does not have a lot of Daiginjo or Junmai Diginjo class sake selection, but Mirai Nihonshuten DAIKANYAMA prepare more than others.

Mirai Nihonshuten is going to open Kichijoji shop in June. It will be more sake, 200 kinds of sake, and use AI “Yummy Sake” which will recommend your favourite sake.

Mirai Nihonshuten Kichijoji will be cutting-technology sake bar.

Now they are founding for opening Kichijoji shop in crowdfunding platform “Makuake”. Launch party invitation ticket is sold 3,240yen (limited number 40ppl).


Mirai Nihonshuten DAIKANYAMA

Launch party invitation ticket

Restaurant info

Mirai Nihonshuten DAIKANYAMA

Address: 150-0034 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Daikanyamacho, 14−11

Google map

Tel: 03-6312-2448

Access: 7 min walk from Ebisu station west exit

186m from Daikanyama station

Open 13:00-22:00

Separate smoking (smoking only terrace area)

Sakefukurou 2018

Japanese sake crawling in Ikebukuro

This year’s theme is “pairing”.
Participating restarants offer the special menu for sake crawling. Please enjoy it.
You can get ticket on line as well as participating restaurants.

Participating restaurants

“East exit”

あまてらす Sake: 天明・一生青春・曙

裏や Sake: 水芭蕉・中田屋 (越生梅林)

千石 Sake: 秀鳳・上喜元・米鶴

ふくろう Sake: 自然郷・廣戸川

“West exit”

酒菜家 Sake:刈穂・まんさくの花・雪の茅舎

希紡庵 Sake: 遊穂・奥能登の白菊・十六代九郎右衛門

どんどこ Sake: あべ・若駒・南部美人

くばら Sake: 五橋・龍力

わく Sake: 〆張鶴・鶴齢


2018/6/3 (Sun)

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around Ikebukuro station


JR Yamanote Line/Saikyō Line/Shōnan-Shinjuku Line

Seibu Ikebukuro Line/Tobu Tojo Line

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line/Yurakucho Line/Fukutoshin Line

Advance sales 1,500 yen

East Exit start ticket

West Exit start ticket

On the day 2,000 yen (limited number)

There are two types of tickets,
East Exit start ticket
West Exit start ticket
Be sure to start from the area stated on the ticket. Please receive a special glass at the first restaurant and then visit the east-west participating restaurants freely afterwards.

★ notes
Food and drink are not included in the ticket fee.
Drink & Food are 300 – 500 yen in cash * Some exceptions

Included in the ticket
Handmade ceramic glass
Stamp cards that can be used at a later date
(One sake service at each restaurant)

Web site

For more information visit, 【池袋はしご酒】第8回 酒ふくろう祭