Enjoy Sake @Happo-en

At the Happo-en there are some sake related event, reservation required. Please check this out!

Edo Food Stalls on Parade 2018

For this year’s Happo-en Cherry-blossom Festival, buffet-style spreads of Japanese, Western, and Chinese foods are offered in especially erected stalls. Of course specialties of Edo (Tokyo)-style sushi and tempura are on offer. Other menu items include plenty of distinctly Edo-style foods featuring local Tokyo vegetables and so-called downtown sweet dumplings (shitamachi dango). To heighten the cherry-viewing mood, on days when the stalls are open, there are performances of dancing called Tokyo Koen-ji Awa Odori and tasting of local Tokyo sake brews.


2018/3/29 (Thu) and 30 (Fri)Thu

19:00 – 21:00 (reception counter opens at 18:30).

Reservations required. Banquet Sales Dept Tel 03-3441-7888(10:00~19:00)

Jour Room, Main Building 1F
¥7,000 (including tax, service charge, and unlimited food and alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages)

Enjoy Sake Served in Edo Kiriko Cut Glass

Delight in the flavors of sake produced at the Ishikawa,Tamura, and Ozawa Breweries—the three largest sake makers in Tokyo—served in delightful vessels made of traditional Japanese cut glass—Edo kiriko—from the Taburo Glass Studio, in Edogawa City, Tokyo. You can even try your hand at crafting your very own Edo kiriko cup to drink your sake from. On the day of the event, an original Cherry-viewing Box Lunch, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese treats, will be available to enjoy with either sake or Japanese wine.



2018/3/31 (Sat)

19:30 – 21:30 (reception counter opens at 18:30).

Reservations required. Banquet Sales Dept Tel 03-3441-7888(10:00~19:00)

Grace Room, Main Building 3F
¥7,000 (including tax, service charge, a lunch box, and unlimited alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages).
An additional ¥4,320 (tax included) to participate in making Edo kiriko cut glass.

Gourmet Excursion 2018: Concentrating on Elegance

A chance for the luxury of full Tokyo-style refinement as represented by soba noodles, vegetables, and local sake. Veteran representatives of the Ishikawa and Toshimaya Breweries explain how sake is made at their companies. Chefs carefully demonstrate on the spot how such foods as hand-cut soba noodles are produced.


2018/4/2 (Mon)

From 19:00

Reservations required. Banquet Sales Dept Tel 03-3441-7888(10:00~19:00)


Hakuho-kan in the garden
¥10,000 (including tax and service charge)


HAPPO-EN:1-1-1 Shirokane-dai Minato-ku Tokyo Japan

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Toei Mita Line, Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line “Shirokanedai Station”
Exit the station out of Exit 2 and continue walking for about one minute to reach Happo-en.

For more information visit, Happo-en’s spring festival 2018