Handwriting Practice Months of the year, Days of the week worksheet

Product Description

The importance of handwriting, especially in the primary grades.

Simple writing practice worksheet (3 pages)

Display poster of month of the year and days of the week


























Free download at teacherspayteachers.com


Personalized custom made portrait clipart from your photo (1 class, Max 15 ppl)

Why don’t you make your original class T-shirt for school event, field trips, kindergarten graduations, school plays, preschool graduations, school clubs, retiring teachers, and more?

I creat your class faces, you can send the data to your local T-shirs shop and Done!


Product Description

Personalized custom made portrait clipart from your photo (1 class, Max 15 ppl)

I will send you back Digital Graphic file ONLY.

Black color only

350dpi pdf White background and Transparent background PNG image

The file will come to you as a pdf and a png file. You need to send me an email before your purchase to give me your picture to make sure I can do what you want.

This is personalized portrait in print style creation, send me your photo, I will create print style pdf data from your photo.

Photo Requirements

The photo provided by the person must be based on the clear face, if the photo is out of focus or over brightness and darkness will not accepted.

Do not use filters commonly used on social media. If you want to use it, please send me original clear picture as well. I will try to meet your wants.

Use a plain white or off-white background is better.

A high resolution photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated.

The photos provided are best for the full display of the head. If you want to make a graphic create from full body photo or person in a group photo, there will not be accepted.

Photo is from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.

The length or width of photo at least need to 1200 px.

I will take out the background of photo, persons will be focus.

I can help to add yours name, just let me know.

I will send you pdf file in A4 size for one class or group.


You can use this pdf for print or web media.

This pdf can use for custom made product.

After the graphic create is completed, you can use the graphic to custom made stamps, photos, posters, T-shirts, mug, shopping bags etc..

Use LEGO and other simple blocks and construction toys to teach Early Literacy

Making letters

Play is a natural instinct of the children. It has been effectively used for teaching. Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel was the father of the Kindergarten system, “Children’s Garden” a system which encourages fun and play based learning.

Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be boring and stressful!  Kids love LEGO, construction Blocks and so on. There’s no reason not to take advantage of that. Here’s a fun and very simple way for students to practice building letters, tracing letters, and even writing letters. I know this LEGO and Unifix alphabet activity will be great for kindergarten age!

Make learning fun and exciting! Adding an element of play makes learning feel like play time and that is perfect for young learners! Early childhood should be filled with play and fun times. Add their favorite toys!

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