Hanamizake at Tokyo Skytree

You can find Sake friendly restaurants in Sumida-ku at the Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi! You can enjoy delicious sake and snacks! !

How to enjoy
1. Purchase ‘Ochoko’ for 300 yen as admission fee.
2. At the sake booth, taste each Sake 200 yen per cup.
3. Enjoy the food (300 to 500 yen) with sake

To enjoy admiring cherry blossoms and drinking Sake is called hanamizake, this year, the Tokyo sakura is expected to be in full bloom between March 24-28, it will be able to do Hanamizake.

You can also stop by the Solamachi Shotengai where is packed with tourists shopping for food and souvenirs in a traditional Japanese atmosphere.


2018/3/24 (Sat) – 3/25 (Sun)

11:00 – 16:00


TOKYO Solamachi ground floor

2 Chome-19-9 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0002



Directly connected to

Tobu Skytree Line “Tokyoku Skytree Station”
Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, Keisei Line “Oshigami Station”

Google map

PDF map


Admission Fee

300 yen (with original Ochoko)


Web site

For more information visit, すみだの花見酒

Taste of Japan to UK

The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (JA) and others announced that they had exported Japanese sake rice used for brewing sake to Britain on 20th March. First of all, exporting a total of 4 tons of sake rice from Akita and Hyogo (it will be 9520 liter Japanese sake) then Dojima Sake Brewery UK is going to test-brew sake from April in Cambridgeshire.

As the popularity of sake increases in Europe, it will lead to expansion of exporting rice.

According to the JA , the export of sake rice is the first time in the JA group. After the test brewing, it will be exported additionally depends on the trend of demand.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as of October 2017, the number of Japanese restaurants in Europe is approximately 22,200, an increase of 16% compared to 2015, the previous survey. Japanese sake brewed by Dojima Sake Brewery will be sold Japanese restaurants and so on in European.

Catch up on Dojima Sake news

Craft sake week at Roppongi hills 2018

“SAKE” event “CRAFT SAKE WEEK at ROPPONGI HILLS 2018” will be held this year as well, with the selection of the best sake breweries from all over Japan produced by JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY led by Nakada Hidetoshi.

This year, thanks to its popularity this year, more than eleven days that increased by one more day, 10 stores each day, the theme of “regionality”, the largest number of brewers starting from 47 prefectures nationwide, totaling 110 stores, decided to open.
Along with Japanese sake, you can also enjoy the marriage with the original menu of carefully selected restaurants.
The venue has been awarded the architectural award both domestically and internationally, dot architects (dot architects) produces an extraordinary space using Moso bamboo in Satsuma Kawachi-city, Kagoshima prefecture. Please enjoy meeting new sake at the venue using “About 500 bamboo corridors”.
Info from here

Participating restaurants

First five days of April 20 (Fri) – 24 (Tue)

    Lionel Beccat’s French cuisine restaurant inspired by Japanese ingredients
    · Lyricism ~ Intuition ~ (12 coins)
    · Héritage ~ Clear ~ (8 coins)
    · Earth Force ~ Beasty ~ (4 coins)
  • La Barrique Tokyo
    Offering Italian cuisine and local cuisine
    · Botargo Spaghetti with Mitsuba (8 coins)
    · White asparagus panna cotta with marinade scallops (8 coins)
    · Spring vegetable terrine (6 coins)
    · Tripe stew sake lees cheese sauce (6 coins)
  • Azabu Juban Sugino
    Head restaurant in Nara
    · 5 assorted odens (7 coins)
    · Truffle salt pork cutlet (14 coins)
    · Minced meat pork cutlet (8 coins)
  • Wakiya
    Chinese dishes which are gentle to body
    · Shark fin Wonton (8 coins)
    · Salmon and scallop Chinese Congee (7 coins)
    · Dried Scallop umami flavored dumpling (5 coins)
    · Scallops and Salmon W sauce Spicy Potato Salad (4 coins)
    · Salmon and Dried Scallop with XO sauce (3 coins)
  • Eel restaurant Echigoya
    Offering the best eel of the day
    · Eel’s Ochazuke (12 coins)
    · Bite-sized “shirayaki” (lightly grilled, unseasoned eel) skewer (5 coins)
    · Deep fried Eel bones crackers (4 coins)
    · Charred Eel’s tail fin (3 coins)

Latter five days of April 25 (Wed) – 29 (Sun)

  • Kirakutei
    Offering a variety of menus
    · Fukuyutaka’s thick soybean Tofu (5 coins)
    · Kojiro Fried Chicken (5 coins)
    · Whitebait with Grated Daikon Radish (4 coins)
    · Freshly Pickled Egg Yolk
  • Restaurant Pages
    Taste from French cuisine mainland in Paris
    · Burgundy Lobster Ravioli and Bisque (8 coins)
    · Charcoal grilled French foie gras Kromeskies, truffle fragrance (6 coins)
    · Strawberry and Tarragon profiterole (4 coins)
  • BON DABON / A due passi
    A collaboration ‘BON DABON’ Masatoyo Tada the only Japanese authorized Parma ham craftworker and ‘A due passi’ Kawai Akihiko Italian cuisine
    · Pärsùt and Tortafritta of BON DABON (12 coins)
    · ARGENTO Pärsùt and Tortafritta of BON DABON (8 coins)
    · Anolini in brodo (meat filled pasta in chicken broth) (6 coins)
    · Tortelli d’erbett (4 coins)
  • Sal y Amor
    Michelin Tokyo Bib Gourmand awarded 3 years in a row
    · Assorted Spanish delicacies (12 coins)
    · Basque-style Clam Paella (8 coins)
    · Ajillo Mushrooms (4 coins)
    · Andalusia-style Aubergines Frites (4 coins)
  • Shato Hanten
    Use authentic ingredients
    · Fried shredded beef with black miso (15 coins)
    · Spring pancake (6 coins)
    · Pickled mustard greens fried rice (8 coins)
    · Seasoned dried tofu (5 coins)

※ Last day, 4/30 (Mon) of participating restaurants will be announced at a later date.



2018/4/20 (Fri) – 4/30 (Mon)

Each day 12:00 – 21:00 L.O 20:30

You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Roppongi Hills Arena

6-11-1 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo



Google map

Advance ticket is on sale. 

CRAFT SAKE Starter set 3,500 yen (Special Sake glass + 11 Sake/Food Coins)

※ You can use the Sake glass during event time and enjoy sake only purchasing Extra Coin Set,  after the second time coming.
※ The sake you choose is only poured into the Sake glass.

You can purchase same ticket and Extra Coin Set at the venue.

At the venue ticket

CRAFT SAKE Starter set 3,500 yen (Special Sake glass + 11 Sake/Food Coins)

Extra Coin Set A 1,500 yen  (10 Sake/Food Coins)
Extra Coin Set B 3,000 yen  (22 Sake/Food Coins)


Web site

For more information visit, CRAFT SAKE WEEK

“Aoyama Sake Flea” in Aoyama

Taste more than 120 kinds of Japanese sake from 36 brewers across Japan

The popular breweries will be opened in the Japanese sake market “Aoyama Sake Flea” from all over Japan, on March 31 (Sat) and April 1 (Sun) in 2018, 2 days, at the United Nations University Farmers’ Market.

You can find 120 kinds of Japanese sake selection that as fresh as enjoy only at this time or is difficult to find in Kanto are, from nationwide 36 sake brewers. It is not only comparing the taste of different sake, you can also enjoy taste while listening to the concept of sake and the story behind the development of sake from the brewery.

You can purchase Drinking tickets from 2 coin tasting tickets at the venue. Original Ochoko (sake cup) is also a set. If you want to enjoy various tastes of sake, you can buy 30 coins, 40 coins advance tickets. 1 cup of sake is from 1 coin. There are some special sake which is more than 2 coins you need.

There is also some food suitable for sake. It is not only Japanese cuisine such as Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), Gyu-Nikomi(Beef stew in Japanese style), but also western cuisine such as pizza are available. DJ live, Rakugo (traditional Japanese art of storytelling) and more!


2018/3/31 (sat) – 4/1 (sun)



United Nations University Farmers’ Market

5-53-70 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo


Omotesando Station (Chiyoda, Ginza, Hanzomon lines), exit B2; 3 min on foot

Google map

Advance ticket is on sale. Only 100 set! E-ticket

“Nonbei” set (for heavy drinkers) 30 coins and 2 Ochoko (6,000 yen)

“Sokonashi no Shugo” set (for bottomless heavy drinkers) 40 coins and 2 Ochoko (7,500 yen)

It is available share with your friend or family!  Coins are available during this 2 days!

※ 2% ticketing service fee will be charged.

At the venue ticket

“Starter” set 2,000 yen 8 coins and  1 Ochoko

“Nonbei” set (for heavy drinkers) 4,000 yen 20 coins and 1 Ochoko

“Choinomi” set (sip of sake) 1,000yen 2 coins and 1 Ochoko

Web site

For more information visit, http://farmersmarkets.jp/sakeflea8/

The 2nd “Tokyo Sake Brewery Fair”

You can enjoy sake in all nine breweries across Tokyo, – Ryogoku – Edo NOREN 1F “Tokyo Shouten”. It will be held for five days from 20th to 24th March 2018.
In the first one held in October 2017, 571 people attended.

Event overview

The background of “Tokyo Sake Brewery Fair”
Tokyo as a metropolitan city, symbolized by skyscrapers and advanced technology and culture. In here, there are firmly breathing “the skill of the crafts handed down from generation to generation”, “powerful and beautiful rich nature” and “the culture of the Edo passed down quietly”. The fair will be held with the hope that the customer enjoys and compares the taste sake of traditional Tokyo sake brewery casually and gets to know about Tokyo local sake.

“Tokyo Sake Brewery Fair” highlights

Taste freely representative brands of 9 breweries sake in Tokyo from the automatic tasting machine which is Kanto area only one.
All you can drink 20 kinds of Junmai / Junmai Gijo!
You can drink 10 kinds of Daiginjo and draft beer 100 yen per one cup.
The bites of Tokyo special products from 200 yen. E.g. Okutama pickled wasabi and Kokugikan Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers).
You can also buy items which your favourite sake and bites.
It is available to bring your own bites.
Special present: Tokyo Shouten original Ochoko (equivalent to 400 yen).


2018/3/20(tue) – 24 (sat) 11:00-22:00 (Last order 21:00)


Tokyo Shouten (1F in Edo NOREN 1-3-20 Yokoami Sumida-ku Tokyo )
東京商店(東京都墨田区横網1-3-20 江戸NOREN内1F)
JR “Ryogoku” station, the location is directly connected to the station

Google map

Admission fee: 1,500 yen per hour (excluding tax). Extension 30 minutes 500 yen (excluding tax).
Capacity: Especially None (Please wait when it is full)
Application method: Pay at the store counter on the day

For more information visit, http://shouten.tokyo

SAKE Spring Shinagawa

It’s been a rough winter, but the weather is finally warming up. We can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with sake and food.

The sake event “SAKE Spring Shinagawa” will be held from 12 to 15 April at Shinagawa Intercity Shop & Restaurant Building front square (Minato-ku, Kounan 2) directly connected to Shinagawa station Konan exit.

The concept of the event is “Expand the possibilities of Sake and create a new history.” The first event was held in April last year at the Kyoto International Conference Center (Kyoto city), about 8,500 people attended. This is the first time in Tokyo.

About 40 sake breweries from all over Japan will participate daily during the period. Sake is exchanged with tickets, with 100 brands including “Hououbiden” by Kobayashi Sake Brewery (Tochigi Prefecture) and “Kiddo” by Heiwa Brewery (Wakayama Prefecture).

2,000 yen the day of the event. Tickets include 10 sake tickets. There are 3 type of in advance tickets, 1,800 yen = 10 sake tickets with special sake cup (Ochoko), 6,000 yen = include “Kikunoi” lunch box and 5,200 yen = include “Shimogamo Saryo” lunch box. Food will also be available for purchase.

Maiko (the apprentice of Geisha) will come from Kyoto 12th and 13th.


2018/4/12(thu) 16:00-21:00
2018/4/13(fri) 16:00-21:00
2018/4/14(sat) 11:00-17:00

You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Shinagawa Intercity Shop & Restaurant Building front square
品川インターシティ S&R棟前広場
Add : 2-15-4 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
(2 min walk from JR, Keikyu “Shinagawa” station, the location is directly connected to the station)

Access Map PDF

Google map

For more information visit, http://sakesp.com

Enjoy Sake at the cost price

It simultaneous opened all of sake served at the cost price “Nihonshu Genka Sakagura Shinjuku Sohonten (日本酒原価酒蔵新宿総本店)” and “Nihonshu Genka Sakagura Shibuya Namikibashi shop (日本酒原価酒蔵店渋谷並木橋店)” on March 8th. Moreover, opening the “Nihonshu Genka Sakagura Shibuya Center Gai shop (日本酒原価酒蔵渋谷センター街店)” on March 12. It will total of 16 shops.

“Nihonshu Genka Sakagura” has expanded 13 shops so far since the first shop, Shinbashi honten opened in April 2015. More than 50 famous brands of sake across Japan (“Dassai”「獺祭」, “Jikon”「而今」, “Juyondai”「十四代」, “Hiroki”「飛露喜」, “Densyu”「田酒」are also included) is available to drink less than a third of the market price, from the 300 yen by 180ml (Ichigo). e.g. “Dassai 50″「獺祭磨き50」395 yen, ” Tatenokawa Seiryu”「楯野川 清流」359 yen, “Kamoshibito Kuheiji”「醸し人九平次」519 yen etc. To keep the freshness, immediately after opening the bottle, refill in a custom-made bottle, which is providing and stored at the appropriate temperature.

Although there are many sake places have the system that pays in the advance all-you-can-drink with bringing your own meals in the shop, Nihonshu Genka bar is not allowed to bring your meal because they want the customer to enjoy the delicious cuisine with delicious sake. “Best Unigiri” 490 yen, “Sea urchin and salmon roe with soft-cooked egg” 590 yen, “Higashiizu salted dried mackerel fish” 690 yen, “Kirishima pork SAKE shabu-shabu” 1,290 yen, “Red seabream Hitsumabushi (one serving)” 500 yen etc.

As they want the customer to enjoy heartily the aroma of sake, in all shops all seats are smoking-free including an electronic cigarette.

For the beginners also to be pleased, menu book provides characteristic of sake, the recommendation of pairing food, a message from sake producer and a sake brewery interview, it is fun even just reading.

Nihonshu Genka Sakagura

Study Sake in University

“Sakeology Center” in Niigata Univ.
The “Sakeology” course starts from April, 2018

Niigata university announced that it will establish a representative to the research base which to approach from the variety of academic fields “Sakeology Center” for the sake of specialty products in Niigata prefecture in April. “Sakeology” offers comprehensively learn agriculture, economy, medical care and such as the relevant fields. To establish the world’s first “sakeology”, they will work on education, research, information transmission and international exchange.

The center will be almost all faculty teacher about 40 people belonging. In “Sake-ology” covers subjects of the raw materials of water and sake rice, distribution and marketing, climate, history and culture, and for the wide range of areas such as the relationship with health in addition to the traditional zymurgy and zymology.

Previous to the center establishment in May last year, Niigata Univ. signed a partnership agreement with Niigata Sake Brewers Association and Niigata prefecture on industry-academia-government collaborative for the aim of founding “sakeology”.

Lectures can attend all students in Niigata Univ. The course will cover sake production methods, the combination of sake and food, cooking with sake, the Liquor Tax, the impact on health, accomplishment way of sake, tasting as well as practical training in a sake brewery. Niigata University teachers, Niigata Sake Brewers Association and officials of the Prefectural Institute of Brewing, Niigata will serve as a lecturer.

The course will open to the general public in this Autumn.

Niigata University

Map of Japan showing Niigata and Tokyo