Craft sake week at Roppongi hills 2018

“SAKE” event “CRAFT SAKE WEEK at ROPPONGI HILLS 2018” will be held this year as well, with the selection of the best sake breweries from all over Japan produced by JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY led by Nakada Hidetoshi.

This year, thanks to its popularity this year, more than eleven days that increased by one more day, 10 stores each day, the theme of “regionality”, the largest number of brewers starting from 47 prefectures nationwide, totaling 110 stores, decided to open.
Along with Japanese sake, you can also enjoy the marriage with the original menu of carefully selected restaurants.
The venue has been awarded the architectural award both domestically and internationally, dot architects (dot architects) produces an extraordinary space using Moso bamboo in Satsuma Kawachi-city, Kagoshima prefecture. Please enjoy meeting new sake at the venue using “About 500 bamboo corridors”.
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Participating restaurants

First five days of April 20 (Fri) – 24 (Tue)

    Lionel Beccat’s French cuisine restaurant inspired by Japanese ingredients
    · Lyricism ~ Intuition ~ (12 coins)
    · Héritage ~ Clear ~ (8 coins)
    · Earth Force ~ Beasty ~ (4 coins)
  • La Barrique Tokyo
    Offering Italian cuisine and local cuisine
    · Botargo Spaghetti with Mitsuba (8 coins)
    · White asparagus panna cotta with marinade scallops (8 coins)
    · Spring vegetable terrine (6 coins)
    · Tripe stew sake lees cheese sauce (6 coins)
  • Azabu Juban Sugino
    Head restaurant in Nara
    · 5 assorted odens (7 coins)
    · Truffle salt pork cutlet (14 coins)
    · Minced meat pork cutlet (8 coins)
  • Wakiya
    Chinese dishes which are gentle to body
    · Shark fin Wonton (8 coins)
    · Salmon and scallop Chinese Congee (7 coins)
    · Dried Scallop umami flavored dumpling (5 coins)
    · Scallops and Salmon W sauce Spicy Potato Salad (4 coins)
    · Salmon and Dried Scallop with XO sauce (3 coins)
  • Eel restaurant Echigoya
    Offering the best eel of the day
    · Eel’s Ochazuke (12 coins)
    · Bite-sized “shirayaki” (lightly grilled, unseasoned eel) skewer (5 coins)
    · Deep fried Eel bones crackers (4 coins)
    · Charred Eel’s tail fin (3 coins)

Latter five days of April 25 (Wed) – 29 (Sun)

  • Kirakutei
    Offering a variety of menus
    · Fukuyutaka’s thick soybean Tofu (5 coins)
    · Kojiro Fried Chicken (5 coins)
    · Whitebait with Grated Daikon Radish (4 coins)
    · Freshly Pickled Egg Yolk
  • Restaurant Pages
    Taste from French cuisine mainland in Paris
    · Burgundy Lobster Ravioli and Bisque (8 coins)
    · Charcoal grilled French foie gras Kromeskies, truffle fragrance (6 coins)
    · Strawberry and Tarragon profiterole (4 coins)
  • BON DABON / A due passi
    A collaboration ‘BON DABON’ Masatoyo Tada the only Japanese authorized Parma ham craftworker and ‘A due passi’ Kawai Akihiko Italian cuisine
    · Pärsùt and Tortafritta of BON DABON (12 coins)
    · ARGENTO Pärsùt and Tortafritta of BON DABON (8 coins)
    · Anolini in brodo (meat filled pasta in chicken broth) (6 coins)
    · Tortelli d’erbett (4 coins)
  • Sal y Amor
    Michelin Tokyo Bib Gourmand awarded 3 years in a row
    · Assorted Spanish delicacies (12 coins)
    · Basque-style Clam Paella (8 coins)
    · Ajillo Mushrooms (4 coins)
    · Andalusia-style Aubergines Frites (4 coins)
  • Shato Hanten
    Use authentic ingredients
    · Fried shredded beef with black miso (15 coins)
    · Spring pancake (6 coins)
    · Pickled mustard greens fried rice (8 coins)
    · Seasoned dried tofu (5 coins)

※ Last day, 4/30 (Mon) of participating restaurants will be announced at a later date.


2018/4/20 (Fri) – 4/30 (Mon)

Each day 12:00 – 21:00 L.O 20:30

You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Roppongi Hills Arena

6-11-1 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo



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Advance ticket is on sale. 

CRAFT SAKE Starter set 3,500 yen (Special Sake glass + 11 Sake/Food Coins)

※ You can use the Sake glass during event time and enjoy sake only purchasing Extra Coin Set,  after the second time coming.
※ The sake you choose is only poured into the Sake glass.

You can purchase same ticket and Extra Coin Set at the venue.

At the venue ticket

CRAFT SAKE Starter set 3,500 yen (Special Sake glass + 11 Sake/Food Coins)

Extra Coin Set A 1,500 yen  (10 Sake/Food Coins)
Extra Coin Set B 3,000 yen  (22 Sake/Food Coins)


Web site

For more information visit, CRAFT SAKE WEEK

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