“Mimurosugi” & “Echigo Sekkoubai” In-store tasting event @ Ikebukuro

You can taste Mimurosugi, Imanishi Shuzo, from Nara prefecture and Echigo Sekkoubai, HASEGAWA SHUZO, co.,ltd from Niigata prefecture.

Mimurosugi (Imanishi Shuzo)

Although the Miwa area in Nara is said to be the origin of sake brewing in Japan, Imanishi Sake Brewery is the last remaining brewery in the area. After over 350 years, it is still run by the same family. The brewery uses spring water from Mt. Miwa and local rice to make their sake. The current building was constructed 120 years ago and retains its traditional atmosphere.

They insists on small, handmade batches, ensuring that their product remains “old yet new.” It is their pleasure to share their sake with you.

三諸杉 菩提元 純米 Mimurosugi Bodai-moto Junmai 720ml

Bodai-moto is an ancient and complex fermentation starter method.  Currently nine sake breweries produce sake using Bodai-moto including Imanishi Shuzo. Bodai-moto sake generally have acidity and a relatively sweet flavor which brings a deep, rich taste with umami. It can age longer and warmed sake is recommended, but the higher acidity makes it unsuitable for drinking hot. For food paring, oily food like Chinese food or oily tuna (ōtoro) sashimi go well with these kinds of sake.

Imanishi Shuzo Home page


Echigo Sekkoubai (HASEGAWA SHUZO, co.,ltd)

HASEGAWA SUZO was founded in the late Edo period. For 170 years, they have continued producing sake in the same location. It is located at Nagaoka-city in the middle part of Niigata prefecture that used to be called “Echigo”. Niigata is blessed with great nature; a long and diverse coastline, fresh green mountains, beautiful rivers, and expansive fertile plains. Production of fine sake requires a good climate and fresh water, which they have in spades here.

HASEGAWA SUZO has been producing Sake in a storehouse which is more than 100years old, and using no air conditioning, the given conditions for brewing are just as same as the old ages. Also, they use the traditional equipments that have been passed down, and brew their sake by experience and skill of their brewer.

越後雪紅梅 吟醸 初聲 吟醸 Echigo Sekkobai Hatsugoe Ginjo720ml

“Hatsugoe” refers to the call of the nightingale in first spring. Made with 100% Koshi Tanrei, a rice produced on contracted farms. The rice is polished into 55% and the method of Kanzukuri (Kanjikomi) that uses Niigata’s naturally low winter temperature without incorporating modern ventilation systems makes taste crispy and dry mouthfeel.

HASEGAWA SHUZO, co.,ltd Home page


2018/7/11 (Wed) – 7/17(Tue)

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Seibu Ikebukuro B1F

〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima, Minamiikebukuro, 1 Chome−28−1

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Directly connect
Ikebukuro Station South Exit, Exit 38, Exit 36

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For more information visit, 今週の酒と肴

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