Shiga Jizake Festival 2018 After party @Nihonbashi

Born in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district, CocoShiga is a base for disseminating information about Shiga Prefecture, home of the famous Omi merchants and a place where even today people, goods and information gather and connect from all over the world.

It a place where you can experience Shiga through the five senses and which offers special events for conveying Shiga’s charm from different angles, the sale of special products and traditional crafts, a local sake bar where you can taste the local sakes of different breweries, a restaurant which uses a wealth of Shiga’s ingredients to serve traditional “Omi beef and fermented products,” and much more.

You can taste Shiga sake and buffet style dinner at CocoShiga restaurant “Jinomi”. Enjoy 33 breweries’ taste from Shiga. It will be more than 300 kinds of sake getting together.

Shiga sake tasting at home by amazon



2018/9/22 (Sat)
18:00〜 21:00

– You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Nihonbashi Jinomi

COCOSHIGA 2F 2-7-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027

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Tokyo Metro Line and Toei Line “Nihonbashi” Station, close from Exit B6、B8
JR “Tokyo” Station , 6minutes from Yaesu North Gate

Contribution fee

¥4,500 (50ppl)

Reservation required 


Please write following information:

Subject: 【後夜祭 滋賀地酒の祭典】

-参加人数 / Number of participants
-代表者お名前 / Representative name
-ご連絡先 / Contact address

Tel: 0362819872

Web site

For more information visit, 【後夜祭 滋賀地酒の祭典@日本橋 滋乃味】

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