Shikoku Sake Trip 2018

The event consists of three parts. Ticket valid for One Part only. Plese buy the ticket, you want to join.

【Part1 Sake and Snack】

This is good for who would like to enjoy sake more than meals! You can enjoy various Shikoku sake and snacks which representing selected Shikoku.

【Part2 Sake, Food and Workshop】

It is the workshop by the teacher from Tokyo Agricultural University. You can learn about sake and after that enjoy Shikoku food. The ingredients are of course from Shikoku directly and cook by Ginza Japanese restaurant chefs.

【Part3 Sake, Food and Sake Culture Activities】

Brewers also participates in sake drinking games! Don’t drink too much! While enjoying sake drinking game, enjoy Shikoku cuisine. It is perfect for who loves party.

Tosa Province (土佐国 Tosa no kuni) is a former province of Japan in the area that is today Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku. Kochi has unique drinking games such as “Hashi Ken” and “Beku Hai”, which are not seen in other regions.

Hashi Ken (Chop sticks game)
This traditional drinking game is played by two people and involves guessing the number of chopsticks hidden in the sleeve of the opponent’s outstretched arm. The loser has to drink sake, making the game more heated as the players become drunker.

Beku Hai (cups that cannot be put down until the sake inside has been finished)
Players of Beku Hai, another traditional drinking game, spin a top and drink from the cup indicated on the upward facing side of the top when it falls. The bottoms of the cups are hard to balance, and one has a hole in it, so you cannot put them down until you finish the sake inside. Spinning Top Drinking Game.

Beku Hai Sake set for drinking Party


Participating breweries (Kuramoto)

Kagawa Prefecture

Kawatsuru sake brewing Co.,Ltd
Ayakiku Sake Brewing CO LTD

Ehime Prefecture

Kondo Shuzo
Yagi Shuzobu
Seiryo syuzo CO.,LTD
Umenishiki Yamakawa Co., Ltd.
Takeda Shuzo

Tokushima Prefecture

Miyoshikiku Shuzo
Tsukasagiku sake brewery

Kochi Prefecture

Arisawa Shuzo
Arimitsu Shuzojo
Takagi Shuzo
Mutemuka Corp.
Matsuo Shuzo
Tosa Brewing Co.,Ltd
Kameizumi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Nishioka Shuzo
Fumimoto Shuzo


2018/9/9 (Sun)
【Part1 Sake and Snack】11:00〜12:30(90 min)
【Part2 Sake, Food and Workshop】13:30〜16:00(150 min)
【Part3 Sake, Food and Sake Culture Activities】17:00〜19:30(150 min)

– You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


ECOZZERIA Marunouchi 3×3 Lab Future

Otemon Tower JX Building 1F, Otemachi 1-1-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

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Otemachi Station
Tokyo Metro: Tozai Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, Marunouchi Line
Toei: Mita Line
About 2 minutes on foot from Otemachi Station C 10 exit

【Part1 Sake and Snack】
11:00〜12:30(90 min)¥2,500 (Day ticket ¥3,000)

【Part2 Sake, Food and Workshop】
13:30〜16:00(150 min)¥6,500 (Day ticket ¥7,000)

【Part3 Sake, Food and Sake Culture Activities】
17:00〜19:30(150 min)¥6,500 (Day ticket ¥7,000)

Ticket valid for One Part only. Plese buy each part ticket, you want to join.

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For more information visit, SHIKOKU SAKE TRIP

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