“Oyama” & “Kuroemon” In-store tasting event @ Ikebukuro

You can taste Oyama, Kato Kahachiro Shuzo, Co., LTD. from Yamagata prefecture, and Kuroemon, Yukawa Sake Brewery co.,ltd. from Nagano prefecture.


Oyama (Kato Kahachiro Shuzo, Co., LTD.)

Founded in 1872 in Oyama, Tsuruoka city, Yamagata. It is a famous brewing district, and has been called “Little Nada of Tohoku.” Although it is small district, there ware 40 – 50 breweries at peak. However, at the present time only 4 breweries are all that remains including Kato Kahachiro Shuzo.

Designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2014, Tsuruoka is blessed with a diverse food culture thanks to the nature’s bounties brought by an ideal environment and irrigation in the Shonai region.

Thanks to local cuisine such as the local vegetarian Shojin Ryori favoured by the Yamabushi at Dewa Sanzan and the living cultural assets of almost 50 types of heirloom vegetables passed down through the generations, Tsuruoka’s UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) membership in the field of gastronomy is thanks to how its unique, singular food culture has evolved and survived in parallel with other cultural assets, such as Kurokawa Noh and Dewa Sanzan’s mountain area.

Oyama Shinshu Sake Brewery Festival

Every February sees 4 sake breweries (Haneda, Dewanoyuki, Fuji and Kato) in the Oyama area of Tsuruoka open their sake brewery doors to visitors hoping to imbibe the latest batches of sake on offer at each brewery. These include Food stalls ensure there is plenty to eat too for those making the trip.


Tasting at home by amazon

Oyama Tokubetsu Junmai Tomizu 大山 特別純米酒 十水 とみず 720ml

Kato Kahachiro Shuzo, Co., LTD. Home page


Kuroemon (Yukawa Sake Brewery co.,ltd.)

Founded in 1650. Yugawa is located in Kiso Village, Nagano. Kiso Village sits in a valley surrounded by 2,000m tall mountains.

The location of the brewery is at 936 meters above sea level, first or second in Japan depending on how you measure it. This freezing environment is hardly ideal for brewing where the temperature drops to minus 18 degrees Celsius during the intense cold of December to February. However, here and only here in the village of Kiso, sake overflowing with hardiness and kindness is made possible from being cultivated by the tough in the cold brewing technology and know-how.

The village of Kiso is located at the mouth of the Kiso River which flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This bountiful well water used in the early processing stage is a valuable asset blessed by the nature of Kiso and is still preciously used today.

Yugawa Naoko, the 16th generation current family owner, defines their craft as, “tradition that changes with the times and connects us all.” Basing their sake around the flavor of delicious, well-rounded rice with a pure, nimble aftertaste, they produce two brands: Kisoji and 16th generation Kurouemon. Kisoji’s concept is together with the ancient days of Kisoji and from now and into the future, the name remains the same. Kurouemon aims unforgettable sake staying in your memory along with the sensibility of the creators who made it.

Tasting at home by amazon

KISOJI Junmaidaiginjo Yamada-nishiki 35 720ml 木曽路 純米大吟醸 山田錦 株式会社湯川酒造店 長野県 杜氏と蔵人の技が凝縮された極上の純米大吟醸

The ginjo aroma is fluity and taste is well-rounded rice with a pure. Nimble aftertaste as well as clear is so great!

Yukawa Sake Brewery co.,ltd. Home page


2018/09/27 (Thu)~2018/10/03 (Wed) 10:00~20:00

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Ikebukuro Tobu Department Store B1F

1 Chome-1-25 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0021

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Directly connected to “Ikebukuro station”

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