“Tamanohikari” & “Kinryo” In-store tasting event @ Ikebukuro

You can taste Tamanohikari, TAMANOHIKARI Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. from Kyoto prefecture, and Kinryo, NISHINOKINRYO CORP. from Kagawa prefecture.

Tamanohikari (TAMANOHIKARI Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.)

A district in southern Kyoto that’s most known for Fushimi Inari Shrine and its endless red torii (gates), the area also has an abundance of underground water rich in potassium and calcium — perfect for making sake. As Fushimi developed into a castle town after Toyotomi Hideyoshi began constructing his own nearby, sake breweries opened to take advantage of the high-quality water and increasing population. By the mid-1600s, there were more than 80 breweries in the area. Now there are 17 sake breweries and Tamanohikari Sake Brewing is located in here as well.

Water for Sake in Fushimi Kyoto all come from this silent shrine, Gokonomiya. Since 862 Gokonomiya Shrine has been famous for its natural spring water, which was said to have a particularly pleasant aroma. The water is said to have both healing and protective qualities, and of course it is considered one of the top 100 natural water sources in the country.

Take a Jukkokubune, or flat-bottomed boat, down the river that winds through the small town. These boats once transported nihonshu (sake) and rice to Osaka and now provide an ideal vantage point from which to see the old breweries. You can enjoy the scenery of the sake breweries from the water.

You can taste 17 breweries sake at once in Fushimi Sakagura Kouji (Fushimi Sake Village). As soon as you enter the bar, the first one you will find Fushimi Brand sake is displayed in front of 23m long standing bar counter. You shouldn’t miss the delicious foods there as well.

If you are in Kyoto November, 17th. Don’t miss Sake Matsuri in Fushimi in Otesuji st.

Ticket is here.

Tasting at home by amazon

Tasting Kyoto sake set Tamanohikari and more 300ml 5 bottles【金賞受賞酒】ギフト 京都 酒蔵厳選 日本酒 飲み比べ セット300ml 5本 玉乃光 他

TAMANOHIKARI Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. Home page


Founded in 1658. Kinryo is located in Kotohira, one of Japan’s most culturally rich towns. Kotohira is a town located in Nakatado District, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. The town is best known as the site of Shikoku’s largest shrine complex, the Kotohira Shrine (popularly known as Konpira-san).

It stands at over 500m above sea level, halfway up Mount Zozu. To reach the shrine you have to climb an extremely long path, which comprises of 1,368 steps. The area around the shrine is crowded with many shops such as cafes, teahouses, souvenir shops and udon restaurants. You can rent a walking stick and go for a stroll or take a ride in a “kago” palanquin and enjoy the sights as you are carried around. Once you reach the top there are places to rest and eat. The views from the top are great too.

Kinryo has three main storage houses. The second storage house faces the ‘Sandoguchi’ (main approach to the Kotohira shrine). This facility is approximately 2900m2. The Kinryo Museum has been created here so visitors can see in detail how the original manufacturing facility worked. The walls have been kept white to recreate the true atmosphere of the sake producing rooms. Visitors leave a vivid image of the original sake production at Kinryo after viewing all ancient sake making tools, genuine exhibits, life size models, audio visual information, a sake tasting opportunity and a relaxing rest under the shade of an 800 years old camphor tree.

Tasting at home by amazon

Kirameki Kinryo Junmai Daiginjo 煌金陵 純米大吟醸 720ml



2018/08/29 (Wed)~2018/09/04 (Tue) 10:00~20:00

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Seibu Ikebukuro B1F

〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima, Minamiikebukuro, 1 Chome−28−1

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Ikebukuro Station South Exit, Exit 38, Exit 36

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For more information visit, 今週の酒と肴

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