Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center

You can learn about the charm of Japanese sake, shochu and awamori including the history and the culture by “Seeing,” “Touching,” and “Experiencing” in Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center.

As soon as you enter, you will find a big wooden tub on the ceiling. The wall is beautifully decorated in Black and Red glass which looks like the traditional lacquer ware. You can feel aroma with fresh woody fragrance in elegant and slow atmosphere.The variety of Japanese sake from all over Japan is displayed in the center.

You can see the process of making Sake and Shochu on the TV monitors and 2 screens. If you are an enthusiastic Sake learner, you can find out on the tablet device they prepared.

Sake concierge always welcome for you. They will find out for you any kind of Sake information such as, where is the nearest breweries from Tokyo, there is English service or not, the sake shop where you can purchase your looking for and so on.

Of course, there is tasting section. You can always taste about 50 items of Japanese sake, shochu, and awamori. Sake include various types such as Daiginjo, Junmai-ginjo, Junmai, Aged sake, Sparkling sake, etc. from all over Japan for minimum price of 100 yen per cup. If you cannot choose, try set menu, you will meet new Sake.


*Shochu made from different ingredients such as sweet potato, barley, rice, and brown sugar can be tasted as well.
*Awamori is another special spirit from Okinawa, and you can also enjoy tasting.

Occasionally, they have some events, such as a tasting event by a certain brewery and a seminar by a specialists on the topic.


10AM to 6PM weekdays

Close on weekends


Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association (JSS)

1-6-15, Njishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0003

Google map


3 min walk from Tokyo metro Ginza Line Toranomon Station Exit 9
4 min walk from Tokyo metro Chiyoda line Kasumigaseki Station C3 Exit
3 min walk from Toei Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho Station A4 Exit
8 min walk from JR line Shimbashi Station Hibiya Exit

Web site

For more information visit, http://www.japansake.or.jp/sake/english/

Tel:  +81 3 3501 0101

E-mail:  jss-info@japansake.or.jp

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