“Kozaemon” & “Kikusakari” In-store tasting event @ Ikebukuro

You can taste Kozaemon, NAKASHIMA SAKE BREWING CO., LTD. from Gifu prefecture, and Kikusakari, Kiuchi Brewery from Ibaraki prefecture.


NAKASHIMA SAKE BREWING is located in Mizunami city, Gifu. Gifu is a perfect place for sake production with its pristine mountains & water flowing from the Japanese Alps. Southern Gifu is large flat plain that is ideal for growing rice. It makes stunning Gifu Sake! There are over 50 breweries in Gifu itself. With tranquil mountainous landscapes and streets lined with traditional Japanese-style houses, Gifu makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into the Old Japan.

Throughout the prefecture, there are countless natural fountains pouring out mineral-rich, bubbling-hot water, making it a veritable hot spring paradise. And traditional crafts have historically been a central and thriving part of Gifu’s culture.


Kozaemon is made by small brewery in mountainous Mizunami city, Gifu. NAKASHIMA SAKE BREWING is a local sake brewery with over 300 years of history since 1702. The “Kozaemon” brand was launched in 2001, which has become popular at home and abroad. The use of the subsoil water flowing from Mt. Byobu as its source brings out the full flavor of the rice. You can taste the nature of the Mino region, southern Gifu and the brewers’ reflections when savoring the “Kozaemon” products. Based on the idea of making a good match with any dish, NAKASHIMA SAKE BREWING is dedicated to producing “umakuchi” sweet-smelling flavors with body and depth rather than crispy and dry “tanrei” flavors. The product line-up varies from pure rice sake to liquors.

Mizunami is a town set in a rich natural environment, with 70% of its land area covered by forests. Mizunami has also been famous since ancient times as one of the localities where Mino-yaki ceramics are made. Although production has diminished in recent years, the tradition of Mizunami as a source of Mino-yaki remains strong. Because Mizunami is a ceramics town, it’s a place where visitors can find exactly the local wares they’re looking for, from sake cups and decanters to serving dishes for snacks.

Mizunami Buono Pork

Mizunami Buono Pork has twice as much marbling as other domestically produced pork, with a juicy flavor and the strong, sweetness of fat, giving you the joyful taste of meat. Local restaurants use their own ingenuity to serve Mizunami BuonoPork dishes.

You can enjoy a taste of delicious sake and Mizunami Buono Pork served in a Mino-yaki.


Tasting at home by amazon

Mino-yaki Sake set Japanese Sake Ceramic Set Featuring 1 Tokkuri Bottle and 2 Ochoko cups 黒水晶 徳利 & グイ呑 2個セット 陶器 美濃焼

Kikusakari (Kiuchi Brewery)

Kiuchi Sake brewery was established in 1823 by Gihei Kiuchi who was the village headman of Kounosu village, Naka County.

The water that gives life to KIKUSAKARI, is natural spring water from the well in our sake brewery. This water is soft water (close to medium hardness) which does not contain iron, organic matter etc. – the inhibitors of fermentation. There is a place named SAKAIDE about 1 kilometre east from our sake brewery, where there is an old legend that sake gushed out of a well there.

The plateau of Naka where Kiuchi Brewery is located is land rich in water and greenery between Kuji River – famous for its sweetfish – in the east and Naka River – famous for its salmon – in the west. Delicious sake was almost certainly brewed with this good quality water from long ago.

In recent years, their sake has been brewed with the young sensibility and original techniques of our master brewer while also continuing to use their inherited traditional techniques of Nanbu-Toji. By fusing the spirit of tradition and enterprise, they also challenge the new and the unconventional. They work every day by trial and error to brew a Japanese Sake that will be loved worldwide. The sake brewers of Kiuchi Brewery are also following their dreams.

Kiuchi Brewery Home page

Tasting at home by amazon

Kikusakari Junmai Ginjo【菊盛】 純米吟醸 720ml



2018/11/21 (Wed)~2018/11/27 (Tue) 10:00~20:00

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