“Tatenokawa” & “Yukinobosha” & “Koshinohakuro” In-store tasting event @ Ikebukuro

You can taste Tatenokawa, TATENOKAWA, Inc. from Yamagata prefecture, Yukinobosha, Saiya Shuzouten Co.,Ltd. from Akita prefecture and Koshinohakuro, HAKURO SHUZO co.Ltd. from Niigata prefecture.



Tatenokawa (TATENOKAWA, Inc.)

In 1832, when the head of the Uesugi clan first visited the Shonai area he was so amazed by the quality of the water that he recommended sake production to first generation Heishiro.

And so, in 1854, Heishiro began making sake. In the following year 1855, the visiting Daimyo of the Sounai Clan, Sakai Tadakatsu was presented with the sake and in return christened the brand “TATENOKAWA” (English Name: CASTLE BROOK).

In 2005 they began establishing contracts directly with local farmers. The raw ingredients of Junmai Daiginjo are rice and water. The rice plays a huge part in determining the quality of the end product and yet so many breweries rely on rice suppliers and brewer’s associations for procurement.

In 2010, here at TATENOKAWA, Inc. they began Junmai Daiginjo only production under a new “TATENOKAWA” 100 year vision

In order to realise this vision they have increased the tempo of their overseas exports, which they began in 2008, with a view to their sake becoming a luxury item that has fans all over the world.

Their goal is to make sake that appeals to and is recognised by people globally.

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楯野川 純米大吟醸 上流 Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo More detail JOURYU 720ml (専用カートン付)

A part of the Ryu (stream) series, is named after its high quality and high specifications. Made with 40% polished Yamada Nishiki sake rice and only the best part of the sake pressing nakadori (middle cut). A sake with a stable balance of flavour and aroma, a nose of ripened fruits, and a high quality Japanese candy like elegance, topped off with a clean finish.



Yukinobosha (Saiya Shuzouten Co.,Ltd.)

Saiya Shuzo is located in Yurihonjo City, Akita prefecture, founded in 1902. It is multiple awarded brewery and top class sake in Akita.

Yurihonjo City is in the southwest of Akita Prefecture. It has a graceful mountain, Mt. Chokai, in the south, and, the western part of the city is on the Japan Sea. It is a city spreading out along Koyoshigawa, a class A river with headwaters coming out of Mt. Chokai. It is filtered down through the mountain. This is semi-soft water, which is very good for sake brewing.

Saiya Shuzo doesn’t allow high demand to speed up their production. The brewery has always put a strong focus on using their own in-house yeast and milling rice properly. Saiya Shuzo was the first brewery in Akita prefecture to culture its own yeast. By isolating and re-culturing the healthy and hardworking yeast out of moromi (fermenting mash) tanks, the master brewer has discovered a strain of yeast that can survive under a strenuous environment of low temperature and higher alcohol content as the fermentation progresses in the tank. The master brewer, Touichi Takahashi is keep researching sake yeast and touching sake koji, therefore his hands are still soft youthful skin.

Akita Pure rice Sake Bar Tokyo station ~秋田純米酒処~東京駅店
It may be hidden gem in a far corner of the second floor of Tokyo station’s building (near the Yaesu north exit). You can taste Akita sake and Akita food in Tokyo station.

2F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku.
Nearest station: Tokyo.

Akita Pure rice Sake Bar Tokyo station Google map

Akita Pure rice Sake Bar~秋田純米酒処~東京駅店

Non-smoking establishment

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Yuki no Bosha Junmai ginjo 雪の茅舎 純米吟醸 (秋田) 720ML 1本


Saiya Shuzouten Co.,Ltd. Home page

Koshinohakuro (HAKURO SHUZO co.Ltd.)

Since its foundation in 1751, HAKURO SHUZO has been playing a part of sake culture surviving rapid changes in history in Echigo-Nagaoka, present Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture. In 1882, given over a brewery owned by the lord of Nagaoka clan, the MAKINO family, it started to use the family’s crest, “Mitsu-Kashiwa” and succeeded a brand name “HAKURO”. As time goes by, people engaged in sake production have changed, but our posture to “produce delicious sake to please many people” has been maintained till now.

Beyond the peaks of the Iides, the Mikuni mountains, and the peaks of the Tateyamas, our rich field spreads. The snow melts to flow on this rice producing area in spring and summer, wets Echigo Plain and brings about a rich harvest in autumn.

HAKURO SHUZO now has introduced modern methods of sake production. While maintaining the merits of traditional Japanese sake, for further improvement, they always strive to research on new technology to apply to the change of times and to develop new products as well as to maintain the quality control. A good combination of matured techniques of the local Echigo-Toji and young craftsmen’s energy in addition to the modern facilities, produces high quality hand-made “HAKURO”.

Niigata Prefecture has over 90 sake breweries. With 17 of those in Nagaoka, the city has the most breweries in the prefecture and second most in Japan.

Inside JR Nagaoka station, Ponshukan is a sake “theme park” where you can sample leading local sake brands, purchase sake-related goods. In the sake tasting corner, for only ¥500, you get five coins, each of which gives you a full shot of rice wine. Simply insert the coin into the small sake vending machines, press the “start button,” and watch the wine flow. Ponshukan offers over 100 different brands of sake produced by renowned breweries all over Niigata. Don’t miss it!

Ponshukan Nagaoka Google map

Open: 9:00~20:00

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Koshinohakuro Chotokusen Daiginjo 越乃柏露 超特選 大吟醸 720ml



2018/11/28 (Wed)~2018/12/04 (Tue) 10:00~20:00

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Seibu Ikebukuro B1F

〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima, Minamiikebukuro, 1 Chome−28−1

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Directly connect
Ikebukuro Station South Exit, Exit 38, Exit 36

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For more information visit, 今週の酒と肴

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