Display Banners for classroom

Display banners are a great way to create a welcoming and inviting space to create a better environment for learning. This will encourage students to be more engaged in the lesson and promote visual learning.

Display banners are helpful for visual input literacy among young learners and multi level English learners in one class like international school.

Teacher needs to print and make display banner a lot. There are many display banners on the internet. But sometimes does not match lesson idea. So, need DIY banner.


prints over three A4 sheets

prints over three A4 sheets

each A4 sheet



Personalised Resources

If you would like me to create something specifically for your school, class, group or personal use please let me know.

I can create personalised banners, signs, poster sets, pretty much anything you can print I can design.

I usually charge $5 per personalised item for banners, signs, and separate posters, but this may change depending on the complexity of the design.

If you have something in mind please comment below and I’ll let you know how much I would charge.


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