How to create report card comments in IB PYP?

The report card season is coming! Teachers must prepare themselves to distribute that in tight schedule. Especially in IB PYP, it is not clear to assess students compared traditional teaching style, because of no particular exam or test. In IB PYP, teaching is cultivate learning attitude for life-long learner, not giving information from textbooks. Teacher has to evaluate student’s individual progress in the attitude of learning process.

I made Report Card Comments generator for IB PYP students a few years ago. It is based on PYP scope and sequence. There are over 300 comments in one file for boy and girl student. Report card comment has to change name and gender for individual students. This Excel file is useful but little bit complicated to use, even I made it by myself. I should update more user friendly.

You can check How to use on Youtube.

Math and Language, Science, Social, Arts and PSPE.

You can check each subject comments in here>>>

Math and Language





I prepared some free sample PDF version or editable version. Feel free to download it.

How do you save your time to make report cards? Please let me know your idea.


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