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Counting and patterns

In a PYP classroom, mathematics is a vital and engaging part of students’ lives. Students in the classroom are very active with an underlying sense of organization and cooperation. Teachers and students are asking questions of each other, trying out and demonstrating ideas in small and large groups, using the language of mathematics to describe their thinking, generating data to look for patterns, and making conjectures. Product – 60Pcs Colorful Bear Shape Counters Toy Counting Numbers Classroom Teaching Aids Gift Children Educational Toy Teaching Equipment Product – Wooden Geometric Solids 3-D Shapes Montessori Learning Education Math Toys Resources for School Home


This activity is to simply collect small objects from around the classroom–pencils, erasers, small toys, blocks, Lego’s, etc. Then children classify objects and count the number of objects in each category.

Students will learn to sort objects familiar to them by different attributes. They will justify their decisions for classification when objects have more than one similar characteristic. Product – 50Pcs 3cm Counting Disc Color Counting Disc Chip Game Currency Child Digital Cognitive Learning Product – 100pcs Colorful Bamboo Counting Sticks Mathematics Teaching Aids Counting Rod Kids Preschool Math Learning Toys for Children



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