ESL present perfect with FOR and SINCE 現在完了 継続 ずっと〜している

Present Perfect with FOR and SINCE

Present Perfect


have(has) + 過去分詞 past participle


肯定文)He has lived here for three years.
否定文)He has not lived here for three years.
疑問文)Has he lived here for three years?
Yes, he has. / No he has not (hasn’t).
How long has he lived here?
For three years./ Since three years ago.

For + 期間 For + a period of time

for six years, for a week, for a month, for hours, for two hours

I have worked here for five years.
She has lived here for twenty years.
We have taught at this school for a long time.
Alice has been married for three months.
They have been at the hotel for a week.

For は過去形の文でも使用できる。
FOR can also be used with the simple past.

Since + 過去のある時点 Since + a point in time

since this morning, since last week, since yesterday
since I was a child, since Wednesday, since 2 o’clock

I have worked here since 1990.
She has lived here since 1980.
We have taught at this school since 1965.
Alice has been married since March 2nd.
They have been at the hotel since last Tuesday.

Since は現在完了形、過去完了の文でのみ使用され、普通の過去形の文では使用しない。
SINCE can only be used with perfect tenses.

過去分詞 past participleについて


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