Akasaka sake fes

100 kinds of selected Japanese sake(including umeshu and fruit liquor) from all over Japan.  All you can drink! Akasaka sake crawling event.


This event is Akasaka sake crawling event! In the event you can meet more than 100 kinds of alcoholic drink (Sake, Umeshu, Fruit liquor) that are difficult to find in Tokyo and from various parts of Japan. You will surely find your favorite one.

This time 10 participating breweries will come to meet you. You can enjoy taste of sake while listening to the concept of sake and the story behind the development of sake from the brewery directly.

In addition, at this event, you can taste food that is perfect for alcoholic drinks from restaurants in Akasaka area. You can drink your favorite sake and marriage of each restaurants’ taste. Food will be from ¥300 – ¥500.

The reception starts at 12 o’clock. Please receive handouts (tasting cup · participation card · map · leaflet etc) at the reception Akasaka Sakeba.

Then eat and drink at event participating restaurant freely. Food is cash bar.

Participating breweries (Kuramoto) Link

舩坂酒造店【岐阜県】Funasaka shuzo (Gifu)

宝山酒造【新潟県】Takarayama shuzo(Niigata)

長谷川酒造【新潟県】Hasegawa shuzo (Niigata) 

根本酒造【茨城県】Nemoto shuzo (Ibaraki)

玉川酒造【新潟県】Tamagawa shuzo(Niigata)

寒梅酒造【埼玉県】Kanbai shuzo (Saitama)

西堀酒造【栃木県】Nishibori shuzo (Tochigi)

滝澤酒造【埼玉県】Takizawa shuzo (Saitama)

田端酒造【和歌山県】Tabata shuzo (Wakayama)

梅田酒造【広島県】Umeda shuzo (Hiroshima)

Participating restaurants Tabelog English Link


肉のヒマラヤ Teppan 赤坂店

お好み焼き のろ 赤坂本店


ナポリス ピッツァ&カフェ 赤坂 一ツ木通り

and more


2018/5/27 (Sat)

12:00 – 16:00 (L.O 15:30)

(Start at the same time as reception starts ※ 12: 00, rain or shine)

You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Akasaka 2 chome area (Reception: Akasaka Sakeba)

2-17-72 B1F Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Google map


3 min walk from Akasaka station on Tokyo metro Chiyoda line


All-you-can-drink ticket A (Early bird discount): 3,000 yen
(※ First 300ppl Only)

All-you-can-drink ticket B: 3,500 yen

All-you-can-drink, Food is cash bar.

Ticket URL https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/0171btzj7qtr.html#detail

Web site

For more information visit, Akasaka sake fes

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