Akita sake tasting in Mitaka

You can taste 12 kinds of Akita sake.

Including Spot sale, Lottery event and appetizer.

Advance ticket is sell at Harmonica Yokocho Mitaka, MOSKOW and Harmonica Yokocho Kichijoji Ahiru Beer Hall.

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Kichijoji Ahiru Beer Hall tabelog link

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太平山 Taiheizan (Kodama jozo)

刈穂 Kariho (Akita seishu)

まんさくの花 Mansaku no Hana (Hinomaru jozo)

雪の茅舎 Yuki No Bousha (Saiya shuzo)


2018/5/25 (Fri)

-You cannot go? Check out ichibansake Event Calendar


Harmonica Yokocho Mitaka

1-5-8 Nakacho Musashino Tokyo

Google map


JR Mitaka station
2 min walk from Mitaka station north exit


Advance ticket ¥3,000 (Sell at MOSKOW and Kichijoji Ahiru)

MOSKOW, located in Hamonica Yokocho Mitaka

Kichijoji Ahiru Beer Hall, located in Hamonika Yokocho Kichijoji

Day ticket ¥3,200

Web site

For more information visit, 秋田の酒きき酒会「12種類のお酒」太平山・刈穂・まんさくの花・雪の茅舎

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