The 10th Yamaguchi Jizake Ishin

Taste 20 breweries from Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi is a prefecture in Japan’s Chugoku region, on the southwest side of Honshu Island.

Quiet and rural yet historically significant, Yamaguchi Prefecture was home to the samurai clan that shaped modern Japan. Hagi City in the old domain’s capital hosts one of the most beautifully preserved castle towns in Japan. Yamaguchi is also renowned for stunning natural scenery, including Akiyoshi-do—the largest limestone cavern in the country.

Yamaguchi is where Dassai, one of the most popular brands of sake, is brewed. It is also home to other delicious sake brands and local dishes.

Blessed with abundant natural gifts, this region has a wealth of ingredients, including seafood, with a gourmet culture that has flourished since ancient times. For example, fugu dishes (puffer fish), a representative Japanese winter delicacy, are a local specialty.

In Yamaguchi puffer fish is referred to as “fuku”, rather than the traditional Japanese word “fugu.” There’s actually a deeper meaning behind the local name- in Yamaguchi, fuku is thought of as a fish that brings happiness, and so the fish became known as “fuku” (or “happiness”) in Yamaguchi.

You can taste Yamaguchi Sake with Yamaguchi sea food dinner, of course “fuku” included.

Reservation required



19:00 – 21:00 (Reception start 18:30)

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10-8, Sekiguchi 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, 112-8680 Tokyo

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Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line “Edogawabashi Station” 10 min walk from exit 1a


¥8,000 (500ppl)

Sit-down dinner is provided individually. Complimentary Gift included.

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For more information visit, 山口県酒造組合

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