Play-based learning helps engage elementary students in their education

•”If its [play] purpose is more than the act of doing it, it’s probably not play.”

Play is very natural, it is about having fun, it is a process of nature and should be spontaneous.

•”Now, one of the things about play is that it is born by curiosity and exploration. But it has to be safe exploration.”

Children should be give the opportunity to play in a chaotic, rough and tumble way, but the way they play must be safe. At my school, we try to provide freedom for children to have play where we design the environment where children can access materials independently. Children at our school are allowed to make a mess, but have to learn it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves, put toys away. We do have rules that they have to stick to, and they can play freely within these boundaries.

•”So it’s not just something you do in your spare time.”

Play is something very natural to humans and animals. The absence of play could be dangerous, and effect us in a negative way. Play helps us grow and develop as human being.

•My experience, how it felt and how this moment connects with my life now.

I come from big family, and nature walks were a big part of my childhood. Myself with my brothers, sister and father used to walk for miles, near our home. We used to walk thorough woods and pick blackberries, walk through fields and pick blackberries to take home so my mother could make jam. We used to get muddy, feeding horses and cows. Breathing fresh air and looking at natural was so joyful for us. I think that is why I still have a love for animals and nature. I became vegetarian early on, and try to eat healthy and exercise. I still love going for walks, and have a connection to nature. I dislike staying inside for long periods of time, and have to be outside.

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