PYP unit Sharing The Planet, share resources such as water

Through authentic activities throughout the unit, students are able to construct meaning from direct, real life experiences, where students can begin to put there thinking into practice and understand the world around them.

Last year, during our unit of, the world has limited resources, maths was an important part of the unit. We looked into the situation of water shortages in other countries, and students in my class began to look at their own water use, and through data handling, graphs, measuring, we were able to calculate how much water we use in the classroom on a daily basis, and make changes to use less water.

Through these kinds of experiments students were able to understand and grasp concepts much quicker. Here they were able to construct their own meaning with these real life situations.

As a school, we understand that mathematical practices are changing, and through regular meeting and collaboration. We can continue to change and grow.

Powerpoint Water Quiz for Early years

Water Quiz Power point for science in the early years

Water Quiz Power point for Science Lesson

As educators we must learn how to understand how children learn, and help to guide and scaffold their learning.

One important thing I have learned, is to watch children more closely.
The simplest of marks on a page, has meaning for them, things they make might not mean much to us adults, but to the children are very important.
I think, making a wonder wall could be something useful in my classroom, where I can post students thoughts and questions.

My understandings have changed in many ways, but it is not completely clear yet because there has been so much information to take in and engage with, so more reflection is needed.
Keeping up with the latest technology is also very important, and challenging.

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