How do you give feedback to your students to help them improve on their learning?

In my school, we are always challenging our students to continue to improve. Along with their portfolio’s , students have their own box, what does not go into the portfolio, goes into the box. Some children are much more involved in mark making then others. We encourage students to go back to these drawings from time to time and reflect upon them, share and hopefully help classmates understand the meanings of these marks on paper.

What opportunities and support do you give children to choose to play with and participate fully in mathematical stations arising from their worlds?

Our classroom is constantly changing and evolving, but one thing always stays the same, the construction corner. The construction corner is an important part of our classroom. It is always a busy place, full of learning. I think it is a place where children feel more create their own worlds, where a lot of puzzle solving, counting, measuring, pattern making goes on here.

How does the outdoor learning environment offer opportunities for children to think mathematically?

At my school, outdoor play is seen as a very important part of the day. We have 3 outdoor sessions each day. Here children have complete freedom to do whatever they want. Lots of role-play, creativity and make believe occur. It helps with spacial awareness and as we have more real life resources they have to create their own play through symbolic learning. They invent their own rules, and take part in social play, constructive play.

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